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MA092LL/A is the sales number for the MacBook Pro 17" 2.16GHz Core Duo. This model was first released on April 24th, 2006 and was discontinued on October 24th, 2006. Need more details on MA092LL/A?
Apple Parts for MacBook Pro 17" 2.16GHz Core Duo (MA092LL/A)
922-7509 - Right Speaker
GS12291 - LCD, Low Resolution, Matte
GS12292 - LCD, Low Resolution, Glossy
GS171141 - Front Bezel
GS1711511 - Clutch Cover w/ Antenna
GS18108 - Screw Set
GS18122 - Left Hinge Clutch
GS18123 - Right Hinge Clutch
GS18124 - Left Clutch Block
GS18125 - Right Clutch Block
GS19550 - iSight Camera Board
GS19551 - Clutch Cover
GS19552 - AirPort Antenna
GS195531 - iSight Camera Cable
GS19554 - Sleep Magnet
GS19555 - iSight Camera
GS19557 - iSight Camera Shield
GS201221 - Restore Discs
GS_168731 - Inverter Board
GS_169721 - Back Case
SKU61362 - Power Adapter
* - Denotes that we sell an alternate part instead of the actual Apple product.