Apple Parts for iPod 5th Gen Enhanced (MA448LL/A)
GS1594 - USB Cable
GS168102 - LCD
GS16811 - Logic Board
GS198391 - Battery (Large)
GS19840 - Screw Set
GS19841 - Midboard Internal Frame
GS19842 - Hard Drive Bumper Kit
GS3509 - Hard Drive Cable (Toshiba)
GS35091 - Hard Drive Cable (Hitachi)
GS5693 - Hard Drive (60GB)
GS58113 - Back Case (80GB)
GS59391 - ClickWheel (Black)
GS59392 - ClickWheel (White)
GS66681 - Front Case
GS66682 - Front Case (White)
GS7666 - Logic Board (Defective)
SKU2353 - Hard Drive (80GB)
sku35032 - Headphone Jack
* - Denotes that we sell an alternate part instead of the actual Apple product.