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MB499LL is the sales number for the iPhone 3G 3.5" 400MHz ARM. This model was first released on June 9th, 2008 and was discontinued on June 7th, 2010. Need more details on MB499LL?
Apple Parts for iPhone 3G (MB499LL)
GS1594 - USB Cable
GS171301221 - Digitizer
GS1713012211 - LCD
GS173453 - Headphone Board, White
GS17349 - Midboard
GS1734912 - Vibrator Assembly
GS1735112 - Hold Switch
GS17554 - USB Power Adapter
GS1774511 - Headphone Piece, White
GS17966 - Screw Set
GS17967 - Sim Eject Mechanism
GS17968 - Camera Glass
GS17969 - Camera
GS17970 - Volume Rocker
GS17972 - Battery
GS17973 - Chrome Frame
GS179741 - Mute Switch, White
GS179751 - SIM Card Tray, White
GS17976 - Wi-Fi Cable
GS17977 - Dock Connector
GS17978 - LCD with Digitizer
GS18084 - Headphones
GS18104 - Logic Board, 16GB
GS18129 - Home Button
GS20118 - Back Case, White
SKU17346 - Home Button Flex Cable
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