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MB718LL/A is the sales number for the iPhone 3GS 3.5" 600MHz ARM. This model was first released on June 8th, 2009 and was discontinued on June 7th, 2010. Need more details on MB718LL/A?
Apple Parts for iPhone 3GS (MB718LL/A)
GS17130122111 - LCD
GS1734531 - Headphone Board
GS173531 - Home Button
GS17453 - Menu Button Flex Cable
GS17547 - Screw Set
GS176612 - SIM Card Tray
GS17932 - Battery
GS17933 - Vibrator Assembly
GS17934 - Lower Dock Connector / Speaker
GS17935 - WiFi Antenna
GS17936 - Camera
GS17937 - Camera Glass
GS179382 - Mute Switch
GS17939 - Hold Switch
GS17940 - SIM Card Eject Mechanism
GS179412 - Back Case, White, 32GB
GS17942 - Original Box
GS17943 - LCD and Digitizer Assembly
GS18076 - Midboard
GS18077 - Volume Rocker Button
GS18079 - Chrome Bezel
GS18080 - Logic Board
GS18084 - Headphones
GS29705 - Logic Board, 32GB, Unlocked
SKU17325 - Digitizer
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