Apple Parts for iPod nano 5th Gen (MC066LL/A)
GS1594 - USB Cable
GS20347 - Top and Bottom Bezel
GS20348 - Dock Bezel
GS20349 - Casing
GS20350 - Screw Set
GS20351 - LCD
GS20352 - Front Lens Window
GS20353 - Metal Slide Hold
GS20354 - Logic Board with Battery
GS20355 - Microphone and Headphone Board
GS20356 - Click Wheel
GS20357 - Camera Assembly
GS20358 - Camera Cover
GS20360 - Logic Board Locks
GS20361 - Top Bracket
GS208574 - Casing (Blue)
* - Denotes that we sell an alternate part instead of the actual Apple product.