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MC989LL/A is the sales number for the iPad 2 Wi-Fi 9.7" 1.0GHz A5. This model was first released on March 7th, 2012. Need more details on MC989LL/A?
Apple Parts for iPad 2 Wi-Fi (MC989LL/A)
GS17520 - Power Adapter
GS179861 - Digitizer Glass (White)
GS17987 - Front Camera and Headphone Assembly
GS17988 - Dock Connector
GS17989 - Rear Camera
GS17992 - Speaker
GS17993 - Battery
GS17994 - Mute Orientation Lock Switch
GS17995 - Microphone Assembly
GS17996 - Volume Rocker
GS17997 - Screw Set
GS17998 - Volume Switch
GS18000 - EMI Shield Set
GS18004 - LCD Display
GS18005 - Home Button Board
GS22622 - LCD Display Cable
GS25210 - Hold/Sleep Button
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