This is a replacement Apple Combo Drive Burner CD-RW/DVD-ROM 24X/8X/8X/8X for the Powerbook G4 Titanium . This Product has been replaced by product 16470. Click here to go to that product. If your unit originally had a DVD drive only (400mhz and 500mhz models and some models of the 550 and 667mhz) Then you need a mounting bracket and ICB (interconnect board) to use this drive in your unit. You need to choose this option from the drop down box below. ( * Note - The ICB allows you to use your existing cable with this drive. If your existing cable is damaged we can substitute a combo drive cable for the ICB. Email if this is the case.) This drive is fully compatible with Apple iTunes and Disc Burner. We include the necessary drivers. One Year Warranty on all parts and labor!

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