This is the 14.1" LCD TFT Display and backlight for the iBook G4. This is the LCD and backlight only. This does not include hinges, casing, display cables, etc...The inverter cable is included as it is attached to the backlight. The display is bright and crisp and has no bad pixels. Note: There are two versions of the 14" LCD. One version has a wide connector on the back of the LCD which is about 1.5" long, the other has a narrow connector on the back of the LCD which is about 1" long. The only way to determine which LCD you need is to remove the 2 T6 screws on either side of the LCD, pop off the back case, remove the foil tape covering the connector, and measure the connector. Should you need any help, photos, etc, please email our support department. One Year Warranty on all parts and labor!

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