This is the keyboard and top case assembly for the Macbook Air. The keyboard is not available separately, and is only available with the top case. Note that there are two revisions of the Macbook Air. Revision A machines have the following specs: 80GB IDE OR 64GB SSD Drives, intel x3100 video chipset, 800mhz bus speed, 4mb l1 cache. Revision B machines have the following specs: 120GB Hard Drive or 128GB Solid State Drive, Geforce 9400M video chipset, 1066mhz bus speed, 6mb l2 cache. If you're unsure of the specs of your machine you can find them in System profiler. This part is offered in New and Used condition. The Used condition pieces are GRADE A condition.One Year Warranty on all parts and labor! Please note, the keyboard is in US / English layout.

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Starting at: $1.96

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  • $7.65 New
  • $4.55 Used
  • $1.96 Grade B
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